The ELEKTRO-KA Ltd.  is a production – service company that was established in 1997 in Ptuj. It arose from a small trade business which began with its work in 1993. The seriousness and expertise of our electrical activities is based upon the high standards and demands that we daily encounter during our work in the automobile industry and automated storage systems.



High-rise pallet racking systems

Our primary service is the electrical installations of the high-rise pallet racking systems which is shown by a many of our reference projects.

Industrial Electrical Installations

We offer complete solutions in the industrial electrical installations in new constructions or by relocation.

Control Cabinet Production

According to the wishes and demands of our costumers we produce different types of control cabinets in our workshop.

Robot Systems

Due to fast modernization and optimization, the robot is an indispensable component of the conveyor systems and production lines.

Electrical Measurements

We also provide various electrical measurements such as dielectric strength test…etc.

Transportable Control Cabinets

We are specialized in the production of transportable control cabinets in compliance with SIST EN 61439-3.